Are you a fan of 3D movies, designers, and sunglasses? If your answer is yes to all, then I have some interesting news for you. Labels such as Calvin Klein, Gucci, and Armani have 3-D sunglasses in development.

Now, there seems to be a problem with this picture. 3D glasses are to be worn in a dark theater for an hour or two, or I suppose in your living room when those 3D TV sets gain traction. Designer wares cost a lot of money. Thus the ROI on these suckers seems a little questionable. My opinion aside I’ll give you the deets.

The styles are pretty similar between the luxury brands; both Gucci and Armani developed aviator shapes. However, the real difference is the price tag. If you have $225 bucks to shell out for Gucci’s 3D shades and live near a U.S. Gucci Boutique then those shades can be yours. The Armani versions are listed for online for only $58., which isn’t horrible, but comon’…dark room, an hour and a half, free (albeit ugly) pairs at the theater — these are all facts to be considered.

Out of the three brands, the Calvin’s are the only 3D shades that can be worn as regular sunglasses and will be the only shades that are 3D certified. There are multiple styles for both men and women, and the shades will be available in December starting at $180. So I guess the double function makes them a little more sensible.

So 3D movie lovers, will you purchase any of these the 3D sunglasses?

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