With Christmas Day on the horizon, many of you have already woken to your fair share of winter white mornings. Lucky for all of us, the snowy season has just begun, which means there are plenty more snowed-in days ahead spent with warm slippers, cups of hot cocoa, and Harry Potter marathons. The next time you’re watching Ron and Hermione’s first kiss for the umpteenth time, why not put your crafting brain to work, too?

Here are a few of our favorite winter DIYs, perfect for snuggling by the fire with a pair of scissors, glue, and maybe a sprinkle of glitter or two. 😉

11 DIY Winter Crafts

  1. Twinkle Board: This is the perfect solution for those of you who get depressed at the thought of taking down Christmas lights post-holiday season. We love the idea of creating this light-up board featuring a fun word. It’ s like a grow- up version of Light Bright!
  2. Serving Tray: We love this idea of taking an ordinary frame and turning it into a chic serving tray! Check out the link for free tray printables, as well as tips on using chalkboard paint for a personalized touch. Use this tray for wine and cheese parties, or for carrying soup to your cold-ridden roommate.
  3. Sunglass & Jewelry Storage: If one of your many 2013 Resolutions is to get more organized, start  by displaying your accessories in super-cool ways. Psst … does that sunglass frame look familiar? Yep, we made our own version a while back — check out the tutorial here!
  4. Pinecone Placecards: Who says the holiday season is the only time to throw a party? Come January, throw a snowflake soiree for all of your friends, and start your DIY table decor early with these pinecone placecards!
  5. Electrical Tape Frames: When you’re snowed-in, stretch those limbs by strolling around your home and surveying all of those blank walls. Dress them up with these trendy — and super easy! — electrical tape frames. Use this technique for your apartment door or create a colorful gallery wall.
  6. Glitter Animals: We can’t get enough of these quirky little glitter animals! Keep these zoo creatures classy by glittering them in silver or a soft blue pastel. They’re the perfect touch for your winter wonderland.
  7. Oreo-Stuffed  Chocolate Chip Cookies: DIYs don’t always have to use sticks and glue! While you’re stuck inside, make this delicious cookie recipe combining America’s two favorite cookies. It’ll warm you inside and out!
  8. Bar Cart: You’re likely to have a lot (or maybe a little?) leftover booze from all of those holiday parties, so liven up your liquor shelf by replacing it with a sophisticated bar cart. We love how this blogger resurrected a cart she found on the street!
  9. Snowflake Bunting: It’s not a snow day without snowflakes. After you put away all of the red and green holiday decor, spruce up your bare mantel with easy DIY snowflake bunting. You can keep it up through February!
  10. Mason Jar Candle Holder: We’re on the mason jar train, especially the idea of using one to house a gorgeous winter glow. Fill the mason jar holder with water, cranberries, sprigs — and any other leftover holiday foliage — and float a tea light for instant winter ambiance.
  11. Clothespin Picture Clips: Need a clever, cute way to display all of those printed-out Instagram photos? These colorful clothespin photo clips are the perfect addition to any cluttered bulletin board or office space.


For even more DIY inspiration, check out these seven holiday crafts!