There’s no better place to rock out to your favorite jams than in the comfort of your own car. However, while you’re driving in the sunshine you run the risk of actually being blinded by the light, which could put you in a dangerous situation. So before you cruise off into the sunset, be sure to grab a pair of shades.

  • You may be inside the car, but you’re not protected from the sun. Wearing sunglasses while you drive prevents exposure to UV rays as well as sun damage to the eyelids which can lead to skin cancer.
  • It has been suggested that if you’re driving in the rain, wearing sunglasses can help improve your visual acuity.
  • Sun glare can be extremely dangerous to drivers. Blinding sunshine can block oncoming vehicles, traffic control devices and pedestrians from your sight. Wearing a pair of sunglasses will help to reduce the risk of sun blindness. Just be sure to pay attention to the type of lens you choose.