At Sunglass Warehouse, June 27 might as well be Christmas in the summer. For those who don’t live and breathe sunglasses, you may not know that June 27 is National Sunglasses Day. And we spend all day celebrating! So in honor of National Sunglasses Day, we want to commemorate our favorite stylish accessory that also provides UV protection by bringing you 5 reasons to wear polarized sunglasses on the water–because a glare-free summer on the water is a summer well spent. 

While we love polarized shades for a lot of reasons, we really love them for how they perform on the water. Summer on the water is just how the season should be lived, whether you’re hitting the beach any chance you get, spend weekends at the lake, or just mooching off your neighbor’s pool.

So no matter how you’re hanging out on the water this summer, here are five reasons you need polarized sunglasses:

1. Because squinting sucks.

One of the main benefits of polarized lenses is their glare-blocking ability. When you’re out on the water, the sunlight that reflects off the surface of the water can be super harsh.

Polarized lenses eliminate glare completely and make looking out onto the surface of the water easy breezy. Stop that squinting — your eyes (and your tan) will thank you.

2. Because you’ve got fish to catch.

If you’re fishing or doing any other type of activity that requires you to see just below the surface of the water (floating down the river with a beer, perhaps?), polarized glasses will be your best friend this summer.

Glare and blue light-blocking polarization improve your depth perception and make seeing the fish you either want to catch (or avoid) that much easier.

3. Because that view out there is freakin’ gorgeous.

Another major benefit of polarized lenses, apart from their epic glare-blocking ability, is that they enhance your vision by adding contrast and clarity to your view.

Whether you’re looking at a gorgeous sunset, a beautiful waterfall, or majestic mountains in the distance, polarized sunglasses make your good views even greater.

4. Because you got up early and you’re staying up late.

Eyes feeling tired and weary? Polarized sunglasses ease eyestrain. By cutting down on glare and harsh UV rays, your eyes can take a chill pill when you’re out on the water. So sit back with a cold one and enjoy the view.

5. Because you’re cool and you really don’t need another reason. Enough said.

Not much to say here. Polarized lenses are pretty much the most awesome thing ever and now when people ask you about your sunglasses, you can add cooly, “and they’re polarized.” Yep. #ShadeGameStrong.

Ready to dive in with a new pair of polarized sunglasses? No matter what look you’re going for, we’ve got TONS of styles to choose from.

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