10 Places to Keep Extra Shades

There’s basically nothing worse than leaving home for the day only to realize you forgot your sunglasses. Major bummer, right?

When you’re wearing $150 designer sunglasses, it’s a little bit harder to justify buying an extra pair to keep in your glove box. But for $20 or less, snagging an extra pair of SW shades is no big deal.

Say goodbye to squinting for good. Here are 10 places you should definitely, always keep an extra pair of sunglasses.

1. In your tackle box.

Going fishing? Throw an extra in your tackle box so you’re never caught up the river without a … er … pair of sunglasses. That’s how that goes, right?

Looking for the perfect pair of shades for fishing? We recommend something polarized so that you can cut out glare and see the surface of the water better. Try the Ripcord.

2. On the boat.

It sucks to be the only one on the boat without a pair of sunglasses. Your future self will love you when you throw an extra pair in that compartment that keeps things dry … Don’t act like you don’t know what we’re talking about.

3. In your beach bag.

Good luck trying to read on the beach without the sunglasses you inevitably forgot (or lost in the waves … classic). Put an extra pair of shades in your go-to beach bag and you’ll be set no matter what.

4. In the kayak.

Sunscreen, life vests, water bottles, Go-Pro … you’ve got enough to remember for your next kayaking adventure. Throw an extra pair of polarized sunglasses in your boat and you’ll be able to enjoy your day on the water in style.

5. In the glove box of your car.

This one’s a no-brainer. How many times have you found yourself squinting down the freeway, cursing yourself for forgetting your aviators on the counter? Too many to count, we might assume.

Just buy two pairs (or more) of your favorite aviators and bingo. Problem solved.

6. On the lawn mower.

What? You don’t think hooking a pair of shades on your lawn mower handle is normal? It’s not only normal, it’s totally genius.

7. In the junk drawer.

Accept the fact that you’re never going to clean it out and instead, throw a few pairs of extra sunglasses in there for when you’re in a bind.

8. On your bike.

In your basket, in your pouch, on your handlebars — wherever you prefer, you probably need some extra sunglasses for your bike. You don’t want to be riding into the sunset without them, do you?

9. In your purse … or satchel.

Keys, phone, wallet. Check. Why not add sunglasses to that quintessential is-it-okay-to-leave-the-house-yet list?

10. At work in your desk drawer.

You never know when you might feel like stepping away from the desk for a quick walk around the block or to grab an outdoor lunch with your colleagues. Keep a pair like these in your desk and you’ll be outfitted to go no matter the occasion.

Ready to stock up? Check out our most popular styles and find a few extra pairs to add to your sunglasses collection.

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