In the 18ish years that you lived at home, you racked up a pretty hefty tab with your mom. Fortunately, our moms don’t actually collect on the running tab we have with them. How many people let you eat all their food, rack up utility bills, clean up your messes, and happily brag on you at all of their social events? Needless to say, if moms got paid for all that they do, they would have one of the highest paying jobs out there.

With Mother’s Day coming up, here’s a look at all of the roles our moms take on and the salary accompanied with those roles.


Job Title: Executive Housekeeper
Salary: $82,136

Clean sheets, swept floors, spotless windows. The list goes on and on. Remember all those times gaming on the couch while your mom swept around your feet?


Job Title: Head Chef
Salary: $63, 324

Gourmet holiday meals carefully curated family dinners, and birthday cakes galore. Your mom may not have gone to a culinary arts school, but she definitely has earned her title as Head Chef!


Job Title: Chauffeur
Salary: $32, 069

Remember back in the day, before we had our own wheels when we relied on our moms for taking us and our friends everywhere? Coordinating when to drop us off at the movies and pick us up, making sure we got to basketball practice on time, and even running us our school lunch when we forgot it at home (whoops).


Job Title: Accountant
Salary: $49, 545

Her accounting role may not involve auditing Fortune 500 companies, but those nights managing your family’s monthly budgets add up!


Job Position: Landscaper
Salary: $43, 980

Let’s be honest, your childhood home’s yard just wouldn’t be the same without your mom’s gardening skills (even if she did overdo it on the lawn ornaments on occasion).


Needless to say, our moms have impressive resumes. But maybe instead of picking up the tab, write an IOU and take her out for a nice brunch (that you do pick up the tab for).