It’s obvious that girls notice guys’ clothing. They notice a lot of things and I can’t imagine them overlooking what’s conveyed before a guy even begins to talk. However, what’s not so clear is what girls think of guys’ clothing. (Heaven forbid I ask them. They never say what they’re really thinking, so I can’t imagine that inquiry revealing anything.)

Luckily, it’s easier for girls to know what guys think about their clothing. Answer: We usually…don’t care. It’s true. Unless you’re dressed in the extremes, either like a hobo or decked out for prom, we will not be able to recall the next day what you wore.

Think about it this way – how often do girls compliment clothing, of either guys or girls, compared to how often guys compliment clothing? I admit, I can count on two hands the number of style compliments I’ve even given. Because, regardless of their gender, I don’t care what other people wear. As long as it doesn’t shock me.

(By “I,” I mean a generalized male voice. All this experience blogging about men’s style has given me a careful and diligent eye. When other guys dress up, I secretly critique them.)

Frankly, ladies, I think you’re cool with this general apathy, because you don’t dress up to impress guys and attract our compliments. Let me use an analogy. Four college-age males hang out at someone’s home. What are they wearing? Whatever they put on that morning. Yet females of the same age, doing the same sort of private activity, outside the public eye, will still primp themselves.

My guess is that women dress up to boost their self esteem, because good dress will attract compliments as well as build confidence. They don’t care if compliments come from guys or girls. I think that since guys give out so few compliments, girls properly assume that they don’t care. Thus, they dress up, not for us guys, but for each other.

To test my theory, I need a female volunteer to live amongst guys for months on end. Will she eventually stop dressing well and give up trying to attract compliments, without any fellow females? I have the perfect laboratory for this experiment: the all-male college I attend. I’m sure we can make room for you somewhere.