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Whether you’re backpacking on gnarly trails or taking the more relaxing route and driving through wide-open spaces, it’s important to not only own a pair of sunglasses that allow you to see everything clearly, but a pair that provides protection for your eyes too. How else can you see the world if you can’t actually see? We know that you’ve probably heard of polarized sunglasses before and maybe you still have some unanswered questions about their benefits. Below, we’ve expanded on helpful information that will allow you to make the best decision to determine if polarized sunglasses are for you!

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Benefits of Polarized Lenses

First things first, why are polarized lenses unique? Well, they’re coated with a special chemical film that helps reduce glare. We all know that estranged feeling of being blinded by glare, so we don’t necessarily have to go into detail about how glare happens other than light from the sun is reflected off a solid surface or water. By having this chemical film on polarized sunglasses, you are able to see more clearly. Not to mention, it helps reduce harmful effects from UV light.

How Polarization Works

Polarization blocks glare, because glare isn’t ideal when you’re trying to walk your dog on a busy street. Like stated before, the sun’s rays reflect light in every direction and when a ray hits a flat surface, the reflected light shines back at your eye which causes glare.

When wearing sunglasses without polarization, the lenses only reduce the amount of light that is transmitted through the lens both horizontally and vertically. If you choose polarized lenses, though, the glasses absorb horizontal light waves, while still allowing vertical waves to pass through. Basically light only travels in one direction through polarized lenses which then eliminates glare. You can thank us for making your road trips and boating experience better.

See the difference polarized lenses can make on your view in the image below.

image of a landscape behind polarized shades versus those of standard vision.

Types of Polarized Lenses

.75 mm polarized lenses

If you’re more of a casual person that enjoys a nice run or a long game a golf, we suggest the .75 mm lenses. Great for everyday activities, these polarized lenses are made from thin sheets of film and are the best option when you’re not worried about impact resistance.

1.1 mm polarized lenses

Have a few extra dollars to spare? If so, then the 1.1 mm polarized lenses may be for you. While made with thicker sheets of film, these lenses offer more impact even though they have the same polarizing layer. These sunglasses don’t necessarily offer better glare reduction or higher polarization, just a higher price tag.

Tinted Lenses vs. Polarized Lenses

While tinted sunglasses are great for reducing brightness, think about reading your favorite book outside on a hammock, they don’t necessarily eliminate harsh glares like polarized sunglasses. Don’t let darker lenses fool you into thinking they offer more protection from UV rays, as the darkness of lenses does not accurately represent the lenses’ ability to block UV rays.

It’s important to always check the label on your lenses to see what level of UV protection they offer, if any. Remember that dark sunglasses without UV protection can cause more damage to your eyes than not wearing sunglasses at all. So when you #getoutthere, make sure you’re suiting up for all of your adventures appropriately.

Sports and Polarized Lenses

For years, boaters and fishermen have been the sole users of wearing polarized sunglasses. More recently, though, the benefits of polarization have been embraced by many outdoor enthusiasts. If you’re a water-sport athlete, golfer, cyclists, or runner – you can benefit from sunglasses with polarized lenses. We promise they will make your favorite activity even more enjoyable.

How Can You Tell If Your Lenses are Polarized?

There are two easy ways to check if your lenses are polarized. First, check out our easy-to-do polarization test hereIt’ll give you everything you need to figure out if you have polarized lenses or not. Second, by staring at a digital screen, like a phone or dashboard in your car, you will immediately see a rainbow over it.

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