You’re going about the day, everything seems normal. Then you check Instagram. What you see: everyone posting pictures of their siblings. Surprise! It’s #nationalsiblingsday and you had no idea. You think to yourself, “What the heck is #nationalsiblingsday? When did this become a holiday? And what do the only children of the world do?”

Most of us have been in a similar situation and, to be honest, we’re not really sure how legitimate holidays, such as #nationalsiblingsday, really are. But Google tells us otherwise. In fact, there are hundreds of strange holidays. Here are a few we really like, and that we suggest participating in this year.

1. Festival of Sleep Day — January 3rd

Created so that people could relax after the holiday season. If sleeping is confusing to you, here are some easy steps to help you celebrate.

2. National Dress Up Your Pet Day — January 14th

It’s time to become the crazy cat lady you’ve always wanted to be.

3. National Beer Can Appreciation Day — January 24th

Not to be confused with National Beer Day, which is April 7th.

4. National Fun at Work Day — January 28th

Bring out the cake and party hats, January 28th is National Fun at Work Day. Fingers crossed your boss observes this holiday, too.

5. I Want You To Be Happy Day — March 3rd

This holiday name sounds a little desperate, but it was created to spread happiness. It’s the thought that counts.

6. National Alien Abductions Day — March 20th

RIP the childhood dog that your parents told you “ran away.” It was aliens. And now you can celebrate.

7. Make Up Your Own Holiday Day — March 26th

The possibilities are endless — better start brainstorming now.

8. National That Sucks Day — April 15th

For all the people in the world that suck at being empathetic, here’s a day for you.

9. Talk Like Shakespeare Day — April 23rd

Good luck.

10. International No Diet Day —May 6th

Aka, don’t-eat-anything-green day.

11. National Sunglasses Day — June 27th

And if you’re looking for new sunglasses….

12. Compliment Your Mirror Day — July 3rd

There are instructions for this holiday, too.

13. International Left-Handers Day — August 13th

No, there is not an international right-handers day.

14. More Herbs Less Salt Day — August 29th

For those of you who thought salt was an herb, think again. Time to dust off the spices that you haven’t used in 6 months.

15. International Moment of Frustration Day — October 12th

It’s a holiday in which you get to go back to your angsty high school self. Scream, cry, shout, kick something… these are all good ways to celebrate.

16. Be Bald and Be Free Day — October 14th

Encouraging bald people who cover their domes with hats and wigs to let their baldness shine.

17. Have a Bad Day Day — November 19th

Have a Bad Day Day was created by salespeople who got tired of telling a prospect to “have a nice day.” This annoyed them so much, they made a holiday.

18. Stay At Home Because You Are Well Day — November 30th

Again, we hope that your boss observes this holiday.

19. National Chocolate Covered Anything Day — December 16th

ice cream

Different than National Chocolate Day, which is October 28th, but celebrating is probably similar.

20. National Maple Syrup Day — December 17th

Nothing like some Aunt Jemima to celebrate National Maple Syrup Day.

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