Does anyone else feel long overdue for a nice, relaxing getaway? Can you hear the beach screaming your name? With the hustle and bustle of work and other day-to-day activities, planning a vacation can be difficult. Sometimes it’s hard to get time off work — and it can be even harder to round up enough cash to pay for a week away. Due to those reasons and more, a getaway to a faraway land might not be in your near future.

Even if you can’t make a big trip this year, it’s still very important for your health and sanity to take some time to unwind and destress. Take just a weekend for yourself. Here are five ideas of what you can do:

•  Be a tourist in your own town.
Try a local restaurant you’ve never been to and walk or bike the trails and paths nearby. Go to museums and monuments and soak in your surroundings, just as you would visiting somewhere new. Often times, we don’t experience all the fun and culture in our own cities.

• Go camping.
Enjoy some nature, fishing, hiking, and fun. Pack up a tent and sleeping bags and find a nearby camping site. It’s amazing how relaxing it can be to just get lost in nature for only a couple days.

• Drive to a nearby natural wonder.
This depends on where you live and how far you want to drive, but there’s a lot of beauty in the world. Go see some of it. From the Smoky Mountains or Grand Canyon to Niagara Falls, adventure awaits you.

• Try an amusement park.
One day, and definitely two, is enough for an amusement park. Go to a close favorite or perhaps one you have never been to and feel the thrill of roller coasters or splash in the waterpark.

• Stay in a hotel.
You don’t even have to go far for a getaway. Spend a couple days in a hotel or bed and breakfast, however close or far you’re willing to go. Enjoy being able to sleep somewhere away from home. Go swimming or soak in a hot tub and don’t worry about making your bed.

Remember how important it is to take time for yourself and enjoy a break from your obligations. Those are just five ideas for small weekend vacations.