How to Stop Losing Your Sunglasses

Like most folks out there, you’re probably constantly losing your sunglasses. We are, and we’re surrounded by them … how does that happen?

Anyway, you’re in luck, because we’ve come up with 15 foolproof solutions to never, ever lose your sunglasses again. Take our word for it.

And with that, please note that Sunglass Warehouse is not responsible for any lost sunglasses.

Okay, here we go…

1. Buy a neck cord. (Lucky for you, we know where to find them.

How to Stop Losing Your Sunglasses

2. Never take them off your face. Ever.

3. Leave a post-it note on your front door that says, “DID YOU REMEMBER YOUR SUNGLASSES?”

How to Stop Losing Your Shades

4. Have Siri create a recurring reminder on your iPhone.

5. Make sure your sunglasses float, like these do.

How to Stop Losing Your Sunglasses

6. Buy an extra pair (or like, five).

7. Wear them on the back of your head, Guy Fieri style.

Stop Losing Your Shades

8. Put at least one in the pocket of every pair of jeans you own.

9. Decorate your house with this chandelier.

Stop Losing Your Sunglasses

10. Put a pair on each of your kids before you leave the house in the morning.

11. Buy a case. Even if you don’t always remember them, at least you can rest easy knowing your shades are safe. #Priorities

12. Adopt a new daily mantra and repeat it 10 times every morning and night: I will not lose my shades, I will not lose my shades, I will not … 

13. Buy a visor clip. A visor what? It’s this thing that clips to the visor in your car so that you can forever keep your sunglasses right above your face. Sounds just about perfect, right? It is.

14. Have a friend put a pair in your mailbox every single day. That way when you check they mail, boom. There’s your sunglasses.

15. Just buy more sunglasses. Period.

It’s true. With sunglasses priced at $20 or less, you can afford to stock up on a few pairs to keep on reserve. That way, when you inevitably lose your shades to the lake, the fair, or your butt in the car, you’ll be prepared.

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