Best Sunglasses for Volleyball

Whether you’re joining a pick-up game or playing with the pros, sunglasses are a must-have on the volleyball court. Between the sun, sand, and — if you’re lucky — reflection from nearby water in the mix, it’s never been more important to protect your eyes.

Key Components of Volleyball Sunglasses:

  • When you dive for the ball you don’t want to be worried about your shades flying off, so look for sunglasses with a snug, wraparound fit.
  • Like all SW styles, sunglasses for volleyball should offer UV400 protection to protect your eyes from the bright rays of the sun.

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Lenses to Look For:

Amber Lenses

  • Keep vision sharp on partly sunny days
  • Heighten contrast and increase depth perception

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Smoke Lenses

  • Provide clear vision on bright beach days
  • Reduce glare and overall brightness while preserving colors
  • Reduce eye strain on super sunny days

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Polarized Lenses

  • Reduce glare off water and sand
  • Provide clear definition so you can read the ball better
  • Give you a wider scope of vision

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Yellow Lenses

  • Increase contrast on cloudy days
  • Increase visibility and depth perception

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For more info on the benefits of different lenses, visit our Guide to Sunglass Tints.

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