A person’s clothing can say a lot about them. Onlookers see someone in a suit very differently than someone in baggy jeans and a t-shirt. Of all the people who need to appear professional and serious, while curbing the critics, few have a tougher time than the President of the United States. The president is under scrutiny long before taking office, but on inauguration day, all eyes are on the new president.

Excluding costumes from theatrical productions, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone wearing an outfit resembling Washington’s inauguration suit with knee-length trousers, white silk stockings, and a dress sword at the waist.

We thought it would be interesting to take peek back into America’s past and see all of the presidential suits that were worn on inauguration day. It gives us an interesting look at how suits have evolved over the years and a sense of each president’s personal style.

Every suit work by presidents at their inauguration

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Inauguration suits are undoubtedly curated to be fashionable and high-quality since the event is seen by so many people. As fashionable and presidential as a suit may be, its style is largely guided by fashion trends. However, the details and styling on each of the suits is a very personal decision. People can get extremely detailed in their choice of fabric, fit, cut, buttons, color, and even specific tailors. In fact, practically every suit Obama has worn since 2011 has been from the same tailor.

Even though Washington had a sword at his side during his inauguration, nowadays we may get folks furrowing their brows if an accessory like sunglasses weren’t removed for the event. Of course, you can still walk the streets in a suit with a pair of cool sunglasses if you want to look as slick as guys like David Beckham, Bradley Cooper, or Neil Patrick Harris. If you want to get to presidential level patriotism, try out some American flag sunglasses too.