Whether you prefer retro, modern, or straight up practical, there’s a story behind how you style your shades. Join us as we look behind the lens at the bloggers who styled and starred in our 2014 Summer Lookbook. From shades they can’t leave the house without to the trends they’re trying to forget, get to know our featured stylists.

Meet Ashley, the face behind the blog Twenties Girl Style. We took a minute to ask Ashley a few questions about all things personal style as we kickoff our Bold & Bright edition of the Summer Lookbook. Get to know Ashley below and sneak a peek at her blog, where she’s always experimenting with playful new styles, trends, and clothing combinations.

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Twenties Girl Style: Bold & Bright Shades

What sunglass style personality do you best identify with? 

Ashley: I would have to say Trendsetter meets Indie Artist. I love a unique pair of sunglasses that nobody has, but also love a great pair in a classic shape!

If you had to choose one item from your closet to take with you on a deserted island, what would it be?

Ashley: A big floppy hat to shade my face from the sun.

If you could have lunch with anyone (past or present), who would it be and why?

Ashley: Audrey Hepburn, of course! She was beautiful and classy with amazing style!

What would you consider the ultimate fashion fail?

Ashley: Not wearing what you love or not dressing for yourself.

Twenties Girl Style

What is the best fashion advice you have ever received and from who?

Ashley: “Wear what you love,” is something my mom told me years ago that has always stuck with me! When I was a lot younger, I was always drawn to interesting clothing choices, but was always scared to commit to buying them for fear of never wearing them (because of what other people might say). My mom was always the one to tell me to buy it and wear it if I love it because that’s really all that matters. That is definitely something I live by today. No matter the trend, style, or if it’s outdated … if I love it, I’m wearing it!

What’s your current Internet addiction?

Ashley: Online shopping! It’s the world’s biggest mall at your fingertips!

And since you have an eye for fashion — what are some of your favorite SunglassWarehouse.com shades?

Ashley: I love a good pair of oversized sunnies! The Round Retro Style #1598 are a perfect pair of classic oversized sunglasses, but if you want to spice things up a bit, the Two-Toned Round Style #7140 with the faded frames are so fun! I also love a pair of heart-shaped shades (like the Folding Heart Style #1120) that are so on trend this summer!

We’d like to send a huge thank you to Ashley for answering our questions! Don’t forget to show her blog some love. 🙂 #DareToWear