From Lady Gaga to Rick Ross, from Katy Perry to Fergie (Ferg), shield glasses are being worn by celebrities everywhere. Why? Well, the only logical explanation I can think of…is because they’re awesome!

Shied sunglasses from Sunglass Warehouse

You can’t really look at those sunglasses and say that they aren’t completely boss. Often, what makes a pair of shield sunglasses stand out is the little details – a silver or gold embellishment here, sporty frames there or even a completely funky retro styling like with these shades. The benefit of all shield sunglasses, though, is that the large lens blocks out the sun, providing the ultimate protection for your eyes.

More importantly, they look really cool…in fact, I haven’t been able to put my finger on what it is that makes shield sunglasses so cool. Maybe it’s the one piece lens? But I do know that everybody is wearing them, so it would probably be in your best interest to check ’em out.