Choosing the right pair of sunglasses can be a challenge. What size? What color? What style? The questions go on and on. Why not make life easier for yourself and pick up a pair of fly (no pun intended) aviators? Think about it. Aviators are the little black dress of the sunglass world. They always look good. Regardless of your gender, age (Baby Carlos, anyone?), or the current decade, you really can’t go wrong with this classic style.

The oversized frames and reflective lenses create a level of anonymity and mystery. A confidence-boost in a frame, the aviator makes you feel as though you too could land a plane on a carrier in the middle of the ocean, or rock out in front of a sell-out crowd. Aviators are more than “just another pair of sunglasses” and perhaps that is why this style has been popular for nearly 80 years:

The Rolling Stone’s Keith Moon rocked the aviator look back in the 60s.

Tom Cruise reintroduced the style with his role as Maverick in 1986’s Top Gun.

The always fashionable Victoria Beckham reminds us that aviators are a great option for women.

So next time you find yourself struggling to find a new pair of shades, make ’em aviators. Not only will they give you a new look, they’ll give you a new outlook on life.