It’s that time of year again… Time to start planning your summer vacation! To help you out, we asked expert travel and fashion bloggers to share their favorite vacation destinations. The response we got was amazing! Everyone shared great destinations.

Although there was no stand-out winner (and how could there be with so many trip-worthy places?), the location with the most votes is……


The city of lights, love and of shopping!

Here’s what our poll participants had to say:

“Great shopping, which strangely is my idea of a great vacation!” – Lisamarie at Beauty Crazed

“Just a dream come true to be able to visit that romantic city.” – Sheryl at Beneath the Crystal Stars

“A vacation is not a vacation unless is filled with shopping for me” – Michelle at Glisters and Blisters

“There are so many exciting places to explore and all the people walking around are so chic. My favourite thing to do there is to walk along the River Siene in the sun (wearing my Ray-ban wayfarers!)” – Cara at These Threads

“I’m dazzled by the old buildings and constructions, perfect spot to enjoy your relaxing days and release your stress.” – Michelle at Miss Chelle

Of course, we can’t leave you without more vacation options. Read on for vacation ideas for the adventurist, the sunbather, the sightseer, and the shopper!

  • Riviera Maya, Mexico – “It’s an easy, wonderfully relaxing vacation for the whole family.” – Kara (Colorado Gal) at
  • Riviera Maya, Mexico – “From natural beauty to history and fine beaches it has absolutely everything!  A perfect place for a vacation.” – Joao at Vacation and Travel Photos
  • Cuba – “Sun, sand, beautiful architecture, fascinating history, and lovely, lovely people.” – Corinne at Have Baby Will Travel
  • Vail, Colorado – “We are spending our third entire ski season in Vail (5 months) and it is Epic!” – Audre and Dimitri at Traveling Love Affair
  • Hawaii – “I’d love to be anywhere warm with an island breeze, sand and turquoise water!” – Kandee at Kandee the Make-up Artist
  • Hawaii – “Relax on an island with great shopping, great beaches and a very relaxed, laid-back attitude (and fresh fruit EVERYWHERE).” – Stephanie at Cinnamon Kitten
  • Myrtle Beach – “It’s the farest place I’ve ever been on vacations with my family and it’s so hot there, who needs Florida?” – Gaby at Gaby’s Beauty Blog
  • Martha’s Vineyard – “I love just biking all around the island, soaking up the sun, and catching up on some reading.”  — Tatiana at Fashion Forward
  • Big Sur, CA – “Renting a cabin in the beautiful spot where the Pacific Ocean meets the mountains is beautiful and romantic.” – Jen at My Beauty Bunny
  • San Francisco, CA – “I love the relaxed and creative vibe of the city, the numerous dining options from fresh seafood diners to French cuisine to spicy Sichuanese food in Chinatown, the great shopping options.” – Diya at In Her Stilettos
  • Vancouver – “It was a city that felt modern and intriguing, yet filled with vitality and nature.” – Eve at Smile Because it Happened
  • Caribbean – “Along with the warm weather, beautiful beaches, and happy people, an island destination is the perfect place to break out all the fun, bold colors in your wardrobe!” – Kristen at What Goes On
  • Half Moon Cay, Bahamas – “The sand was white and soft, and water was crystal clear knee deep!” – Andrea at Always Say Grace
  • Utah – “The scenery is breathtaking! The mountains just astound you and you can easily just sit and marvel at them for hours. It’s a really peaceful place.” – Justine at The Girl in the Check Scarf
  • Salvador Bahia, Brazil – “It’s my favorite because of the gorgeous people and rich culture.” – Rosalind at Farsighted Fly Girl
  • Istanbul, Turkey – “Not only are the attractions beautiful, but the food is fabulous!” – Debbie at Delicious Baby
  • Positano, Italy – “It’s a vertical town that spills down the cliffs and splashes breathlessly into the sea.” – James A. Martin at Traveler 2.0, a mobile technology blog for travelers
  • Iceland – “I particularly adore Reykjavik, which I find to be one of the most welcoming and vibrant capital cities around.” – Jeanine at J The Travel Authority
  • Iceland – “It’s not a traditional sunny holiday destination but you definitely need good sunglasses for the midnight sun! ;)” – Rachel at
  • Menorca, Spain – “Great restaurants, beautiful scenery and beaches and interesting markets and stalls.” – Vicki at Magpie Girl
  • Nepal – “Not only because of the stunning scenery but also because the Nepali people are wonderfully warm and welcoming.” – Barbara at Hole In The Donut World Travel
  • Thailand – “Beautiful country, amazing people, and perfect for budget travelers.” – Ryan at Pause the Moment
  • Bangkok, Thailand – “The food, the people the experiences we had travelling by moped to various places off the beaten path were amazing.” – Chie at Vivat Veritas
  • Egypt – “Upper Egypt was particularly fascinating both the depth of the history and mix of the Egyptian culture with the Nubian culture and its connection to sub-Saharan Africa.” – Chris at Amateur Traveler
  • Any city – “Drop me in Chicago, Buenos Aires, Berlin, London, or Stockholm — all with great food, great neighborhoods and culture — and I am a happy girl!” – Lisa at

And no matter where your travels take you, make sure to bring a pair of sunglasses. In the words of Stephanie from Cinnamon Kitten Blog, “One thing is always a must have – sunglasses! I almost always bring at least 2 pairs with me – a sporty pair and a fashion pair, so I can match my activity.”