Oversized Style number 5086

Everybody is doing it. You know, wearing oversized, colorful, stylish shades!

And this summer is the perfect opportunity for a wardrobe revamping. So why not start with your sunglasses? Have you worn the same pair for years? Are they scratched, dented or peeling? Then do yourself a favor and grab some new ones from us! If color is your thing, then rocking these oversized shades with a sporty, retro vibe is perfect for you and any casual occasion.

Our Oversized Style #5086 are the crucial asset to polishing off your wardrobe!  These stunning shades come in six different color combinations and will fit with any style.  Plus, the large round lenses provide UV400 protection against harmful rays, which is always a plus!

If you’re planning on finishing off your summer with style, then get yourself a pair of our Oversized Style #5086 and make it happen! For only $12.71… I’d say it’s worth it, wouldn’t you?