Montage of Athletes Wearing Sunglasses

Athletes unite! Yeah, I dabbled…I played college soccer, a little softball, some intramural volleyball amongst other things.  For you active outside sports dabblers, did you bring your sunglasses?

Personally, I CANNOT stand playing with sunglasses on my face…unless it’s softball. If you’re up to bat, and staring directly into the sun while trying to swing…Well if you dabble, you know what I’m talking about. But other sports, like beach volleyball, basketball, soccer, etc…NO WAY would you have caught me rocking the shades.

So why am I ranting, you ask? Because, come to find out, (the hard way) you should wear them.. (Guess who couldn’t see and got hit in the face with a volleyball last week at the lake?)

Now I’m not just suggesting it because I’m a moron; I’m enforcing it because it truly does and will make a difference when you’re playing sports.  Not only does it serve as a means of protection, it also enhances your game.

Hear me out:

Softball or Baseball – Whether hitting or fielding, the number one rule in baseball or softball is: KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE BALL! To do this you must be able to see..The bright sun can inhibit this seeing…Hence, wear shades! You don’t do tons of running, jumping and rolling in softball, so they generally stay on quite well too!

Outdoor Volleyball – Whether in the water, in grass or on a beach (ahh the beach!) the sun is still bright and can still affect your vision.  Wearing shades during this sport will support your game and your vision. You’ll probably sweat more during volleyball, so they may slide, but they should generally stay in place.

Water Sports – Jet skiing, kayaking and other types of boating are crucial activities that require sunglasses! Not only do they prevent you from being blinded by the sun, but they also keep water out of your eyes.  Ye be warned…It is quite easy to lose your shades during these activities!

Snow Sports – If you ski, snow board or drive snow mobiles then shades are a MUST! Nothing is brighter than a vibrant sun reflecting off of a mountain full of crisp white snow! Save yourself the blinding pain (and embarrassment) you feel after slamming into a tree because someone couldn’t see where they were going…

As a reminder, sunglasses are first used for your protection, then used for style.  Don’t forgo one for the other, strive for both…Check out what we have in stock for your sport!

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Happy Sporting!

Wait…did I leave out a pivotal sport that requires sunglasses? Tell me what I missed below…

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