Snapshot Spotlight

Whether you prefer retro, modern, or straight up practical, there’s a story behind how you style your shades. Join us as we look behind the lens at the bloggers who styled and starred in our 2014 Summer Lookbook. From shades they can’t leave the house without to the trends they’re trying to forget, get to know our featured stylists. 

This time, we sat down with Hannah of The Braided Bandit to get the details on her vintage-inspired wardrobe and effortless style. We love how you rock both modern and retro pieces, Hannah! Read on to get to know Hannah (and her favorite sunglasses)!

Hannah of The Braided Bandit: Retro-Vintage Style

Hannah rocking it in our #9260s

What sunglass style personality do you best identify with?

Hannah: I’m a Great Adventurer! My favorite thing to do on the weekends during the summer here in Colorado is to go on road trips to see all of the beautiful places around me. Since it’s sunny here 95% of the time, I always have a least one pair of shades with me along for the ride (usually more like 3-4 pairs though since my car is a complete mess)!

If you had to choose one item from your closet to take with you to a deserted island, what would it be?

Hannah: Oh man, that’s a hard one! If the island were really deserted, I’d just wear my birthday suit during the day (possibly with some banana leaves fashioned into a makeshift bikini if I was feeling fancy). But, I would bring something from my closet that would be comfortable and keep me warm when the temps drop at night. I guess I’m going to go with practicality on this one and say my long puffy down jacket (so I could use it as a sleeping bag).

What would you consider the ultimate fashion fail?

Hannah: I don’t really like fashion rules or fashion fails. I really think everyone should wear what they like and what makes them feel best. I love the fashion community, but I think it’s important to focus on the positive and creative aspects of it instead of the judgment and critical side. That’s not to say there aren’t trends I don’t personally like and things I would never wear — but, to each their own!

Hannah of The Braided Bandit: Retro-Vintage Fashion

What’s your current Internet addiction?

Hannah: Instagram, Instagram, Instagram! I never got too into Twitter, though I do like Facebook for keeping up with old friends (but, Instagram is my real social media addiction). I’m a bit addicted to checking the cats available for adoption at my local humane society. Let’s just say I send links of cute animals to my boyfriend more than once a week (and we can’t even have pets at our current place)!

And since you have an eye for fashion — what are some of your favorite Sunglass Warehouse shades?

Hannah: There are so many cute sunnies! I have these in pink, and I really love them (now I really want them in orange and blue, too). I also love this style — they’re flattering on almost all face shapes!

Special thanks to Hannah for answering our questions and giving us a sneak peek into her vintage-cool style!