Hey, football fans. We know the game is the main show, but did you realize there are a plethora of events surrounding Super Bowl Sunday? From zip lines to concerts, with games in between, Indianapolis is prepared to entertain guests of all ages starting January 27 until game day.

The heart of downtown Indianapolis is going to be transformed into Super Bowl Village, which is going to be a blast — even if you aren’t a football fan! There are going to be many FREE (you read it right) events and concerts taking place at the Village, which will be located on Georgia Street. They’re not even charging admission to Super Bowl Village, so you can spend your money doing the extras and trying all the food.

Here’s a schedule of some of the events Indianapolis has planned surrounding the Super Bowl:

Live Ice Sculpting 

On January 27, Randy Finch and Derek Maxfield from the Food Network’s show, Ice Brigade, will be doing live ice sculpting performances in the Super Bowl Village.

NFL Experience

From January 27-February 4, Indiana Convention Center will host the NFL Experience, a pro-football interactive theme park that has entertainment attractions, kids’ football clinics, free autograph sessions, and more.


The outdoor Super Bowl Village will house an 80-feet-tall and 800-feet-long Zipline. Not for the faint of heart! Tickets can be purchased at the launch tower on a first-come, first-served basis.


Love Madonna’s cat eye sunglasses? Check out these. And I fully expect LMFAO to be rocking some outrageous clear shades.

Several free concerts will be performed starting Jan. 27 and leading up to the big game there will be two stages set up on either side of Lucas Oil Stadium. Acts include LMFAO, Sixpence None the Richer, O.A.R., and Dierks Bentley. Of course, you can’t forget the big halftime show with Madonna.

Events & Schedules

Those are just some of the events, but there are many more. Live entertainment will be offered each day in the Super Bowl Village, but some of that entertainment is still to be announced. An entire events calendar can be seen on the Indianapolis Super Bowl website. Or, check out Travel Products’ free downloadable and printable Super Bowl schedule. In addition to these events, many downtown restaurants, shops, breweries, and bars will be offering specials throughout the week.

Oh, and one more tip from an Indianapolis local: There is no predicting Indiana weather. Ever. You never know what it will be like, so be sure to pack everything from your parka coat to t-shirts. And also be sure to have a pair of sunglasses (they’re just as important in the winter as they are in the summer) to help you see all the downtown action.

Photos: heraldtimesonline.com, nme.com, ofcelebrity.com