You’re thinking “whaaaaaat…?” Me too.

As technology continues to change, more and more inventions attract my attention. Now, when I think about technology, I usually think about computers, iPods and other gadgets of the like. What doesn’t come to mind is sunglasses; but, believe it or not, new technology is changing sunglasses as well. Crazy, right? Here are a couple creations I’ve found…


Solar Generating Sunglasses: These glasses will be able to generate energy for your iPhone, mp3 player or digital camera. Its integrated dye-solar cells will simply hook up to a jack in your device. I know this sounds sketchy, but it looks completely legit.

Spy Camera and MP3 Sunglasses: I’m calling these ones the ultimate James Bond glasses..or the ultimate creeper sunglasses – either one. These glasses have a 1.3 mega pixel digital camera in them and can come with either one, two or four gigs of internal memory. The wireless remote control can be hidden anywhere and you don’t even have to touch the glasses to snap a picture, just the button on the remote. Again, these are made for creepers everywhere – Beware! Oh yeah, it’s also an MP3 player with ear buds are embedded into the frames. Check these out!

This stuff is insane! What will they think of next?