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It’s time to get up and go! It doesn’t matter if you’re couch surfing or resort lounging — no trip is complete without the right pair of shades. To help you pinpoint your next destination (and pack the perfect shades for the trip!), we polled a few of our favorite travel bloggers about which destination they have their eye on next — plus which pair of Sunglass Warehouse shades best suit the trip!

Destination Shades

1. Reykjavik

Recommended Shades: SW Oversized Style #3439

Travel Sunglasses

Jennifer of Jdomb’s TravelsWe’ve been to 50 countries now, and without hesitation, we’ll tell you that Iceland is our favorite! We love the otherworldly landscapes, abundance of adventure activities like snorkeling in near-freezing water and glacier trekking, and still being able to get a bit of luxury and pampering in chic Reykjavik. Oversized sunglasses like these are perfect for keeping me stylish on and off the glacier!

2. Orlando

Recommended Shades: SW Padded Sport Style #1889

Travel Sunglasses

Beth of The Vacation GalsOver the past couple of years, my husband and I have been really getting into destination road races. I can’t think of anything better than combining fitness with travel. Orlando is one of my favorite destinations since it brings out the kid in me. I’m hoping to run a Disney World race in the near future (post baby, as I’m due any day)! However, the one thing I’ve learned is that it’s important to have eye protection, especially in a sunny destination such as Orlando. I was excited to see that Sunglasses Warehouse offers sport options, specifically this padded sport style. Not only does it come in a selection of colors (pink and silver for me, please), but the EVA foam padded lenses makes for a snug but comfortable fit.

3. Panama City Beach

Recommended Shades: SW Retro Style #1275

Travel Sunglasses

Christy of Ordinary TravelerThis weekend, I’m headed to PCB, Florida for the first time. Based on the photos of Shell Island and the crystal-clear water, I’m pretty sure I’ll fall in love with this destination. I would choose these red retro style sunglasses for this trip because they would look great in photos with the blue water in the background.

4. Riviera Maya

Recommended Shades: SW Oversized Style 1702

Travel Sunglasses

Corinne of Have Baby Will TravelThese oversized sunglasses were “the perfect fit” for our recent vacation to Riviera Maya, in Mexico. Riviera Maya is one of our favorite spots for a family vacation, since it’s a perfect mix of beach and culture — plus, the fabulous and kid-friendly Mexican food is a bonus. I like these celebrity-inspired frames because on a beach vacation with my family, it’s one of the few ways I feel I can add a pinch of glamour to my look. I’m usually spending my days in a sandy swimsuit and cover-up, with my hair a beachy mess, so these somewhat glamorous shades make me feel like I mean to look that way!

5. Waikiki

Recommended Shades: SW Bi-Focal Style #55440

Travel Sunglasses

Kara of The Vacation GalsI love the look of these slightly oversized tortoiseshell frames for vacationing in one of my favorite tropical spots in the world: Hawaii. I’m not getting any younger(!), and I’m finding myself squinting more and more when I’m looking at my phone or restaurant menus. With these bi-focal shades, I can read in comfort on a chaise lounge at the beach, and I’ll be able to better read small print on my phone’s map app as I’m sightseeing on Kauai or shopping in the streets Waikiki.

6. Maui

Recommended Shades: SW Polarized Retro Style #540432

Travel Sunglasses

Jennifer of The Vacation GalsMaui in Hawaii is the place I cannot WAIT to show off my retro tortoise frames. I’ll be staying on Wailea Beach. On this stretch of Maui, Hawaiian sea turtles love sitting in the sun and soaking up those warm golden rays as much as all of the island’s human visitors do. The sunglasses will protect my eyes, and who knows? Maybe the tortoiseshell pattern will confuse those large, lazy, sun basking turtles into thinking I’m one of their land-based cousins.

7. Scandinavia

Recommended Shades: SW Aviator Style #490

Travel Sunglasses

Marie of EuroTrip TipsI gotta admit that I’m a big fan of Northern Europe (Germany, Scandinavia, UK, etc.) — I like the efficiency, the architecture, and even the weather! I would narrow down my favorite place to Scandinavia, a mix of Swedish chic, Norwegian outdoors, and Danish city vibes. Forward-thinking, outstandingly beautiful, incredibly stylish (and not to mention historic Vikings and delicious food) … that’s Scandinavia for me!

8. Boracay

Recommended Shades: SW Mirrored Retro Style #1645

Travel Sunglasses

Brendan of Bren On The RoadBoracay in The Philippines, because it’s a busy tropical island with a charming, laidback vibe. I’d recommend rocking a pair of white wayfarers — perfect for looking stylish on the most gorgeous white sand beach in the world.

9. Bwindi National Park, Uganda

Recommended Shades: SW Retro Aviator Style #1904

Travel Sunglasses

Brendan of Bren On The Road: Visit Bwindi National Park in Uganda; it’s home to incredible mountain gorillas, and you’ll find yourself standing only a few footsteps away from them. Arm yourself with a vintage pair of aviators for this one — you’ll look and feel like one of those classic safari rangers. Plus, those gorillas won’t see the fear in your eyes when they stare straight at you!

10. Sossusvlei

Recommended Shades: SW Polarized Retro Style #540432

Travel Sunglasses

Brendan of Brendan’s AdventuresGet yourself to Sossusvlei, Namibia. I’ve been to deserts on four different continents, and the red sands of these dunes are by far the most majestic. Be sure to pack yourself a pair of polarized sunnies to truly bring out the red of the earth and the blue of the sky. Personally, I’d rock these polarized retro shades, as they’ll keep your eyes protected, keep the colors popping, and have you looking suave all the while.

11. Antarctica

Recommended Shades: SW Padded Sport Style #4230

Travel Sunglasses

Nellie of WildJunketAntarctica is definitely the top travel destination for me as there’s nowhere else quite like it in the world. Here at the southernmost tip of the world, icebergs stand taller than skyscrapers, glaciers run for miles, and whales, seals, and penguins roam freely. When the midnight sun is out, protect your eyes with a pair of athletic sunglasses like these – sometimes the snow sparkles and dazzles so much it can blind you!

So, which destination is next on your bucket list? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter, and share pics of your trip with @SunglassWarehouse on Instagram!