Hitting the links this summer? Then you’re going to need sunglasses.

While finding the best sunglasses for golfing won’t necessarily improve your swing (there are fancy swing coaches for that), we do know that good golf sunglasses will help with reading the greens, reducing glare from water hazards, and helping you spot your ball more easily.

From the fairway to the tee box, here are five sunglasses that are perfect for a round of golf.

1. Pipeline —

Polarized lenses, wraparound style, and a lightweight frame — these shades get the job done for a day on the course.

2. Hawthorn

wraparound golf sunglasses

Amber tinted lenses increase depth perception and aid in shape definition. Because yes, the reason you keep hitting that water hazard is because of depth perception. Or at least that’s what you’re going with.

3. Alpine

polarized wraparound black golf sunglasses

Polarized lenses cut glare on the course while the wraparound style makes sure your shades don’t fall off every time you take a whack at the ball. No one has time for that, golf is already a long game.

4. Navarro

neon golf sunglasses

Channel your inner Rickie Fowler and opt for a little flair. These wraparound polarized sunglasses come in a variety of neon colors to match every golf polo you own, if that’s what you’re into. Hey, we’re not judging. 

5. Nepal

classic golf sunglasses

For the classic golfer. Smoke lenses reduce overall brightness on sunny days while maintaining color clarity.

When looking for the best golf sunglasses you should, at the very least, find a pair that are UV protected and that fit well. You’re going to need protection from the sun when you’re walking 18, as well as shades that stay put when you’re teeing off or putting. Find a pair that does both, and you’re off to a good start!

For more on the benefits of different lenses, visit our Guide to Sunglass Tints.

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