Just like taking your car in for oil changes helps keep it in tip-top shape, taking a few minutes every couple months to perform maintenance on your sunglasses can help them last longer!

First, you need to determine what material is used in your glasses.

For Plastic Frames:

  • Check to make sure the screws aren’t loose, and tighten them if they are.
  • To bend the plastic properly a hot box is required.  Generally, eye care professionals are the only ones who own this device.
  • If you do not have a personal eye care professional or have one in your area, you can attempt to warm the lenses yourself.  Be careful not to warm them too much or they will melt.  Once warm, bend accordingly.
  • If you are fearful that you may accidentally liquefying your lenses, continue to push and bend your lenses yourself and progressively they may start to reform.

For Metal Frames:

Use needle nose pliers to make any adjustments on metal frames.

  1. Lay your sunglasses upside down on a flat surface. Generally, the temple piece is what will need adjusting. You can tell this when the frame lays crooked or doesn’t lay flat on the surface.
  2. Take the pliers and gently bend the temple piece accordingly.
  3. If your nose piece needs adjusting, then use the pliers to adjust accordingly.
  4. You may also adjust the screws on your nose piece for a tighter fit.
  5. Once adjustments have been made, check your frames. Do they lay flat on the table now? Do they still slide up and down your nose?

If you are afraid to adjust them yourself, or don’t own the proper tools, please see an eye care professional. They can make the proper adjustments, generally at no cost.

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