Most of us are aware of the importance of protecting our skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Thanks to tons of research on the causes of skin cancer, we’re keenly aware of how to protect ourselves against ultraviolet rays and prevent cancer. But how often do you think about protecting your eyes? Your vision is extremely important, and by not protecting it now, you could be causing your eyes some serious damage that could result in blindness.  But don’t worry, there’s an easy and fashionable fix, because one of the safest and surest bets for keeping your eyes protected is to wear sunglasses.

Follow these tips to be sure you’re protected!

1. Ultraviolet protection

Be sure you are wearing sunglasses that provide 100% protection from ultraviolet (UV) rays. If they don’t, regular tinted sunglasses can actually do more damage to your eyes     because the dark tint causes your eyes to dilate. Once dilated, your pupils will let in more UV rays, which can cause incredible damage.

2. Sunglasses aren’t just for summer

Sunglasses are synonymous with summertime, but the sun shines all year round. In fact, when the sun reflects off of snow, it’s much brighter than the average summer day. Keeping a pair handy throughout the seasons is just as important as bringing your shades to the beach this summer.

3. Sunglasses aren’t just for sun shiny days

Just like you can get a sunburn on an overcast day, your eyes can become damaged by the UV rays the penetrate the clouds.  The only way to protect your eyes from this damage is to wear sunglasses with 100% protection.

The good news is, protecting your eyes is easy. Learning more about eye health and protecting your vision is an important part of prevention.  Research eye health and other ways to maintain healthy eyesight.

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