The polls are in: Dogs make us better. But we already knew that! That’s why we’ve created an additional Instagram account, Sunglass Woofhouse, dedicated solely to happy hounds sporting Sunglass Warehouse shades.

These are the 5 reasons you should follow Sunglass Woofhouse right now:

  1. Dogs are the ultimate therapists. Dogs are known to decrease stress levels and increase serotonin levels, resulting in feelings of peace and happiness.
  2. Dogs boost your self-esteem. There’s something about the love and admiration of your best paw-pal that makes you feel needed, leading to feelings of a more meaningful life.
  3. Cute dogs are something we all can agree on. If you’re looking to find something in common with others or simply break-the-ice, puppy pics on your timeline are always a sure winner!
  4. Nothing’s cuter than a pup in shades. These are the facts. We don’t make the rules, we just make your timeline cuter.
  5. Your pup could be featured on our ‘Gram. Simply tag us (@sunglasswoofhouse and #sunglasswoofhouse) in a photo of your best pal wearing Sunglass Warehouse sunglasses, or email any photos to us at


The most important thing is that you and your furry friend(s) have a blast making timeless memories together! So from all of us at Sunglass Woofhouse, take a walk, #getoutthere, and wag it for the ‘Gram!