Hit Us With Your Best Shot

What’s your shade style? Take your pick from the personalities below and hashtag your snapshots like crazy. Now get to snappin’!

 Great Adventurer


You’re a thrill-seeking globetrotter. The only shades you have time for are the ones that can keep up with the non-stop action you crave. Whether you’re trekking through the backcountry or just mapping out your next itinerary, you always look good doing it. Your trusty adventure companions are motorcycle goggles, sports sunglasses, and aviators (of course).



Wash your lucky jersey? Please. We’d never ask a #Superfan like you to do such a thing. You’re the loudest in the crowd, and you bleed your team’s colors year-round. Your style philosophy is go big or go home. Show us your winning shade game with a snapshot of your #1 frames.

Indie Artist


On any given day, we could find you at your local record store, hanging out at the hottest new art gallery, or reading some slam poetry at open mic night. It’s cool, we know you’re busy. But take a second to share a snapshot of your artsy-cool style and how you rock the hippest shades around. We anticipate cameos from retro frames, bold colors, and creative prints.

Party Rocker


Just like you, your shades are always ready to rage. You’re the life of every party, and you’re always looking to make a fun style statement. Share your #PartyRocker snapshot with shades that are as wild and crazy as you are.



You don’t follow the trends, you create them. You know sunglasses are more than just an accessory — they can make or break your whole look. Tag your snapshot with #Trendsetter if you’re rocking shades that boldly make a statement. Just don’t be surprised when everyone else has them, too.

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