Contest Update: We are extending the contest until May 24. For those of you who haven’t gotten the chance to post your photo, post now and spread the word! Share with your friends and get more votes!

New contest alert! To kick off Sunglass Warehouse’s Sun Safety Month, we’re hosting a cute baby photo contest! We know how much you love sunglasses, and no one can hide a smile when it comes to cute babies. We’re giving you the best of both worlds here!

cute baby in sunglasses

Here’s how to enter:

1. Take a photo with your little one in sunglasses! Get creative and think of fun places to havea photo shoot. Don’t have a baby? That’s okay – we can’t have any of that baby-snatching business – but we want you to join in the fun, too. Scan an old family photo of you as a child with some snazzy shades!
2. Upload your cute baby photo to the Sunglass Warehouse Facebook wall. The photo must remain visible on the wall for the entirety of the contest and afterwards. Deleted entries will not be considered.
3. The winner is determined by number of “likes” on the photo, so share it with your family and friends and rack up as many as you can! And we know you want to win, but share the wealth and vote for other cute tots, too!
4. Contest begins May 4 and runs through May 24. We’ll total up the “likes” and announce the winner shortly after that.’

Contest limited to: US and Canada

What does this winner get? The choice between a KINDLE or DS! Best of luck! May the cutest baby win! And check out our many cute kid sunglasses that offer full UV protection and a fun stylish flair for your tots.