When you have an office full of girls, you know you have an office full of people who CAN’T WAIT for summer. We’ve been thinking about it since last summer, and now that it’s officially here, we want to share with you what we can’t live without this summer.

Summer Must-Haves

Sarah H – Starbucks Non-Sweetened Iced Green Tea. It’s so tasty, refreshing, and has a subtle mint taste. Plus, a venti only costs $2-something!

Stacie –   I usually hate summer clothes — jean shorts are the worst! — but the one thing that makes summer bearable for me is a good breezy scarf. I love tying scarves in new ways like these no-sew scarf shirts.Oh, and Summer Shandy 😉

Molly – A trusty pair of brown boho sandals that I can wear with everything — they’re so versatile! They make a flowy dress look casual and cool, and add edgy vibes to a pair of jean shorts.

Beth – A killer summer playlist. Windows down, stereo up — every summer needs its own soundtrack.

Sarah T – My summer must-have is a maxi dress. It’s work appropriate, totally comfortable, and I love how feminine it makes me feel!

Bethany – A tan goes with anything and hides any flaw.  It is the SUMMER MUST HAVE, because who wants to be pale when you can glisten with bronzed skin?

Maggie – SPF! Us red-heads can’t live without it. And I’m gonna have to disagree with Bethany — pale is the new tan! Who wants wrinkles 😉