We all know that summer and sunglasses go hand-in-hand, but what other sunny accessories should be a part of your summer?

Hats! Hats! Hats!

In the past, hats were reserved for dapper guys and for hiding bedhead, but we’re starting to see some stylish fedoras, Panamas, and floppy hats floating about. If you’re not familiar with hat style, we’ll show you some great hats we’re loving for summer.


For the Ladies

Wide Brim

A little bit Kentucky Derby, a little bit Blake Lively, these wide brim floppy hats are super adorable and shade your face from the harsh sun. They’re perfect for running quick errands or napping on the beach. They may look big, which can discourage you from taking them along on vacation, but many wide brim hats are crushable — they can be collapsed and rolled up, then pop back into shape.


Fedoras aren’t just for guys anymore! Ditch your boyfriend’s baseball cap and get your own ladies fedora. They won’t give you as much shade as the wider brimmed hats, but they’ll keep your head covered. For a feminine touch, try out a fedora with a fun band, like the one with the turquoise bow!

For the Fellas

Nothing says summer fun like a straw hat, and there are so many options for guys! Brands like Tommy Bahama made straw hats popular, and now you can find them in many brands, styles, colors, and prices. Of course, it’s perfectly acceptable to rock a baseball cap, just make sure it’s clean and fits well. A good alternative is a military-style hat, shown above. The bill is shorter, and the crown is more structured than a traditional baseball cap. Just don’t wear these backwards!


If hats just aren’t your thing, there are other ways you can combat those UV rays. Check out this page on How to Protect Yourself from UV Rays, and stay safe in the sun!