From state fairs, to farmers markets, to festivals, you’ve probably noticed that summer has an original taste of its own.

Sweet, delicious, summer food. The days are longer, and the cuisine opportunities are endless. At Sunglass Warehouse we want to make sure you #getoutthere and take advantage of the delicious food that comes with summer time. We’ve put together a Summer Food Bucket List for your most fulfilling summer yet. It’s time.

Hot Dogs, Chili Dogs, Corn Dogs, etc.

Nothing says summer like a day at the ballpark with a hot dog in hand. We don’t discriminate — if you like your dogs fried, breaded, or with a heaping mound of chili and cheese, we support you.

skyline chili

State Fair Fried Food

If you’ve ever gone to a state fair, you’ll know that the cooks are getting creative these days. Don’t believe us? Look at Texas. Although some of the food blends together, we will personally vouch for fried Oreos — those little balls of deliciousness are life changing.

Game of Scones

No, scones are not particularly in season in the summer. But you know what is? Game of Thrones. And what’s more fun that watching characters die on Game of Thrones than doing so with a scone in hand?

Grilled Beef, Steak, and Meat

Do we really have to try and persuade you to do this? Unless you’re a vegetarian, everyone should grill a steak this summer. The only question is, which kind of beef to grill?

Food Trucks

We suggest going to a food truck fair, or in Indy, Food Truck First Fridays. That way, you can try more greasy, heart-attack-inducing, food truck food in a more compact area.

Beer Festivals

A debate could be made about whether or not beer is food, but we’re counting it for our list. Especially if you bring a pretzel necklace to the festival. Pretzels definitely count as food.

beer festival

Ice Cream, Milkshakes, Mrs. Curl etc.

Eating ice cream for every meal doesn’t just make sense during the hot summer days, but it’s also our duty as ice cream eaters to uphold local shops during their busy season. Our personal favorite is Mrs. Curl, which appears to have stayed the exact same for the last 15 years. Which is why we like it.

Fried Chicken

An American staple. Forget about the possible health hazards, grab a bucket of crispy, deep fried chicken and you’ll be in pure bliss.

fried summer chicken


Because who doesn’t love a cold glass of sugary lemonade? It’s also a great mixer.

Taste of (insert your city here)

If you can’t make it to Taste of Chicago, look for more food festivals popping up in your area — we guarantee you’ll find a “Taste of (insert your city here).” And if you really like cheeseburgers, we suggest taking a trip to Michigan for Cheeseburger in Caseville. Yes, it’s a thing.

Farmer’s Market

If you’re feeling your arteries clog from every above food suggestion thus far, it might be time to head to your local farmer’s market. Your body may go in shock from eating something green, but if you’re going to decide to eat something healthy, you might as well support your local community. Additionally, you can find fresh fruit at the market and, like the lemonade, find a way to make it more interesting.

Are you feeling inspired yet? We hope so — summer is a very exciting time in world of food. If you think think we missed something, let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!