Nothing is better than sitting poolside, flipping through the pages of a magazine, with a refreshing and summery drink in hand. Whether it’s a cocktail or a mocktail, a cool drink is just what the doctor ordered for a day in the sun. Beat the heat this summer with these delicious drink recipes that have been garnering pins-a-plenty. Mix up one of these beverages to drink alone, sip with a friend, or serve at a party.

Moon-a-rita: This is exactly what it sounds like. If you love Blue Moon and you love margaritas, then why not combine them? This recipe uses mango margarita mix and the summer honey wheat Blue Moon for a drink that would be perfect for an evening summer party.

Peach Sangria: I can’t think of any better summer drink than a sangria. This peach one sounds mouth-watering, and you can make a virgin version by swapping the white wine and schnapps for some Sprite or sparkling water. When it comes to sangria, you can’t go wrong with the fruits you include, so mix and match your favorites to create your own recipe!

Pineapple-Lemonade Punch: Doesn’t it look amazing? This non-alcohol drink would be perfect for sharing at parties or just whipping up for the kids on a hot summer day.

Green Tea Mojito: This drink is perfect if you want something with a punch to get you through a hot summer day. This “mojito” recipe contains no rum, but they suggest spiking it with light rum or sparkling wine if you want.

Strawberry Champagne Punch: If you’re planning a fabulous summer soiree, then chilled champagne cocktails are a must. This tasty recipe combines champagne with fruit flavors, sherbet, and vanilla ice cream — delicious!

Watermelon punch: Is there anything more summery and refreshing than watermelon? For this delicious punch, all you need is a watermelon and seltzer water. Your guests will love ladling their punch out of the hollowed-out watermelon.

I hope you enjoy these summer drink recipes and get your sipping on — I know I will!