We’re well into May and the warm temperatures that come with it. You know what that means … It’s time to break out the grill!

Grilling is one of my favorite parts of summer, and there are so many great recipes you can create. There’s nothing better than a slightly charred hot dog, but I’ve gathered up a few of my favorite summer grilling pins for some cooking inspiration!

Here in Indiana, corn is a diet staple. My favorite way to eat it is fresh off the grill! Add a little butter, and you’re good to go. It’s also great removed from the husk and mixed in salsa – yum!

Avocados are all kinds of healthy! Steer from the traditional slices and guacamole, and try them on the grill! Cut an avocado in half, remove the pit, and place both sides on the grill. Add some salsa and sour cream, like in the photo, for a spicy treat!

Summer is the perfect time for fresh fruits and veggies. They’re great right out of the garden, but they can be even better on the grill! Cut a slice through a head of lettuce or cabbage to use on your [grilled] burger, place a slice of grilled pineapple on top of some teriyaki chicken, or enjoy a slice of grilled watermelon for dessert!

For a delicious and healthy all-in-one meal, create an aluminum foil pouch and pack it with shrimp, baby carrots and corn, snap peas, mushrooms, and onions. Add a little olive oil so it doesn’t stick, and sprinkle on any spices you like. Grill, and enjoy a fresh meal!

Now, this wouldn’t be a list about grilling without steak! Use quality cuts and fun spices and marinades to create a steak that’s unlike any you’ve had in a restaurant! Wrap steak medallions in bacon for even more flavor.

What a better way to finish up a great grilled meal than with some grill cupcakes? These cuties are inspired by kabobs, hot dogs, and steaks, and they look delicious! Now, don’t actually cook these on the grill…