You’ve crossed everything off your holiday shopping list (you even checked it twice). But before you can cozy up with a cup of hot cocoa and your favorite holiday classic, there’s one more matter to attend to — those pesky stockings. Although they look oh-so-innocent hanging from the mantle, you know they’re subtly giving you the stink-eye…

Before they steal your holiday cheer, remember: Stockings are nothing more than over-sized, overly-bedazzled footwear, and stuffing them can be a breeze (and budget-friendly) when you know who you’re shopping for. Simply peg their personality and then proceed to knock their socks off with our carefully chosen gift suggestions.

P.S. If procrastination got the best of you this holiday season, our witty I.O.U. is the perfect placeholder for those gifts that are still to-be-delivered.

The Great Outdoorsman

great outdoorsman gifts

Featured frames: SW Polarized Sport Style #1371

  1. Thermal socks
  2. Pocket knife
  3. ChapStick
  4. Protective eyewear
  5. Golf tees
  6. Earbuds
  7. Flashlight
  8. Jump rope
  9. Travel-sized toiletries
  10. Scarf


The Superfan

superfan gifts

Featured frames: SW Checkered Retro Style #1417

  1. Team-spirited shades
  2. Sports bar gift card
  3. Winter hat
  4. Baseball cards
  5. Rolled up t-shirt
  6. iPhone case
  7. Lottery ticket
  8. Deck of cards
  9. Texting gloves
  10. The League on DVD

The Independent Thinker

independent thinker gifts

Featured frames: SW Retro Style #1689

  1. Coffee grounds / tea
  2. Subscription to Spotify
  3. Tickets to the local theater
  4. Bottle opener
  5. Cufflinks
  6. Retro sunglasses
  7. Book light
  8. Tie
  9. Guitar picks
  10. Desk calendar

The Cover Girl

cover girl holiday gifts

Featured frames: SW Extreme Cat Eye Style #1272

  1. Statement jewelry
  2. Oversized sunglasses
  3. Bold lipstick
  4. Nail polish
  5. Clutch
  6. Wine glass charms
  7. Bubble bath
  8. Mani/pedi gift certificate
  9. Candles
  10. Hair accessories


The Party Rocker

party rocker gifts

Featured frames: SW Neon Retro Style #1670

  1. Glow sticks
  2. Shot glass
  3. Coasters
  4. CD (Yes, they still make those!)
  5. Perfume / cologne
  6. Rockstar shades
  7. Crazy straws
  8. Movie tickets
  9. Glitter eyeliner
  10. iTunes gift card


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