I’m always down for a pair of funky shades. I’ve recently been sporting a pair that looks like they came straight from the 80s, from the set of Flashdance. They have bright pink and teal horizontal stripes and dark frames. Oh yes, I needed them. They are often referred to as my “awesome blossom” glasses by my friends.

So here I am, going through our enormous stock of sunglasses looking for a pair that sticks out to me and I found them!

paint splatter sunglasses

Our Paint Splatter #1650 also look like they came straight from a cheesy 80s movie. And those are my type of sunglasses. The retro frames in funky colors made them cool enough, but it doesn’t stop there. These frames are splattered with black paint.

They come in orange, purple, blue, green and pink so get your 80s on and get a pair of these sunglasses.