I am beyond picky about what I wear on my face and head…Eye shadow, earrings, hats, hair color even…and ESPECIALLY sunglasses! So, after snooping around our warehouse, rifting through the millions of shades we own, I found the strangest pair. They are classic…They are stylish…They look good on almost everyone (me included)…They are: Aviator Style #519!

Aviator Style 519

Now, if you haven’t jumped on the aviator band-wagon, then you are completely missing the trend.  Oversized is heading out, but aviators are standing strong!

These funky aviator sunglasses are higher on one side than the other, to resemble the cool shades worn by some of your favorite celebrities. The oversized lenses provide UV400 protection against harmful ultraviolet rays.

These aviators are bringing it back, vintage style! This popular trend has been around for decades and is branching out to all areas of sunglasses.  Our Aviator Style #519 is the definition of unique! These shades will bring out your inner retro devil!

Strike a pose at any point with these bad boys!

…Seriously, get a pair!