Spring break season is officially here, and ladies everywhere are hitting the gym and filling their online shopping carts. While you may be dreaming of your post-vacay glow, it’s important to take preventative action when it comes to your beauty regimen. Look your best and feel your best on this year’s getaway (and even post-getaway!) by following the simple steps in our Spring Break Beauty Bootcamp!

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Level One: Exfoliate

While you may be heading to the beach, it’s probably still pretty dry and cold where you live. This may have left you with dry, flaky skin. Using a good exfoliator is a must to remove this dead skin! Invest in a body scrub and a good loofah — and get to work! Do this multiple times a week in the month leading up to your departure and throughout the spring season.

Level Two: Give yourself a facial

Whether you have dry skin or oily skin, getting a facial is an essential step in your Spring Break Beauty Bootcamp! If you don’t have the cash to have one done professionally (lets face it, you have just enough cash to get to the shore!), there are hundreds of at-home recipes you can try. Search Pinterest to find a good one, and get your girls together for a night of primping!

Level Three: Moisturize

Keeping your skin moist is the key to getting a golden-bronze tan, and avoiding a painful and dangerous burn. Seek both a face and an all-over body moisturizer for beautiful skin. Aren’t sure what is a good product for your skin type? Head to your local beauty store or makeup counter and ask the professionals for a recommendation!

Level Four: Firm it up!

Okay, whether you are working out or not, you can’t go wrong with a firming product for those “problem areas.” Available at your local drugstore, these products firm the skin and turn those problems into assets. Work it, girl!

Level Five: Tan — the sunless way!

Are you thinking about heading to the tanning salon to jumpstart your glow before you hit the road? Tsk, tsk…you know tanning is dangerous! While many shy away from them, we love sunless tanning products. We suggest splurging for a high-end product from the department store makeup counter. Not only will you avoid looking like a cheeto, but compared to the price of just one spray tan, you are still saving! (Psst…we love Jergens Natural Glow products, too!)

Level Six: Shop for sunscreen

While you might think the most important item in your bag is a new bikini, we think it’s sunscreen! Check out our Healthy Glow infographic for more detailed information on choosing SPF for your skin type, and don’t forget to protect your lips as well!

Image sources: hotandtrendymag.com