Spring break is almost here, and you’re ready to dress up and party down with your best friends. But before your (much-deserved) week of living wild and free, there are a few (very important) things you need to know. From beverages to try to pick-up lines to avoid, we consulted the seasoned pros for tips on making this the Best. Week. Ever.

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What’s your favorite spring break beverage?

  • Huckleberry Lemonade. It’s sweet and refreshing — perfect for a day at the beach.
  • I am a sucker for an ice cold piña colada — especially when made from real coconut cream!
  • On my last trip, my cousins made up the best drink. We called it an Elle Banana, and it was a smoothie-type beverage with coconut rum, coconut milk, a banana, and ice — so good!
  • I don’t have a particular favorite, but I love drinking fruit juices, smoothies, or cocktails!
  • I like to take a break away from my coffee addiction and sip on an ice cold sweet tea!

What is the best (or worst) pickup line you have heard on spring break?

  • They are all terrible!
  • “Let’s make like fabric softener and Snuggle!”
  • “Are you tired? Because you’ve been running through my mind all day.” So overused!
  • “If you were any hotter, you’d be the sun.”
  • “Let’s make this a week to remember!”
  • “Your eyes are blue like the ocean.” Ugh.
  • “You remind me so much of my sister.” Never. Ever. Say. That.
  • “Are you from Tennessee? Because you’re the only ten I see.”

What’s on your spring break playlist?

You can check out our playlist, here!

  • Lana Del Rey is always on my playlist, but for something a little more upbeat, I love Marina and the Diamonds — and Blondie!
  • I am obsessed with the Songza App, which caters your playlist to the time of day, your mood, or an event. It somehow always plays exactly what I want to hear! This is one of my favorites.
  • Well, right now I am currently in love with the band Tennis! They’ve got great music.
  • Bob Marley, Jack Johnson, Colbie Caillat, Journey, The Beach Boys, The Cure, The Beatles, Ingrid Michaelson, and Israel Kamakawiwo’ole
  • 22 – Taylor Swift, Vegas Girl – Conor Maynard, Diamonds – Rihanna, Boyfriend – Justin Beiber, Some Nights – Fun, Die Young – Ke$ha, Va Va Voom – Nicki Minaj, Don’t Stop the Party – Pitbull & TJR

What are a few of your spring break must-haves?

  • High-waisted shorts and a chic pair of sunnies!
  • My go-to tanning lotion (called Maui Babe), a monogrammed beach towel, and an iPhone to capture all of the memorable moments!
  • A cute suit, my favorite magazines, lots of sunscreen, a great tote to throw everything in, a few pretty dresses, a cozy sweater for chilly nights, and, of course, the perfect pair of sunglasses
  • Harness dresses, embellished collars, and brightly-colored tops
  • A cute pair of sunnies, a straw hat or fedora, flat sandals (flip flops are not in style anymore people), a tote bag, a one-piece bathing suit, high-waisted shorts, a chambray shirt, white jeans, espadrilles, a light cardigan, a maxi skirt or dress, denim jacket, Converses, and a scarf
  • A retro bikini to soak up the sun, the latest Seventeen magazine to pour over, and a straw fedora to hide from the sun

How are you losing those last couple of lbs before you hit the beach?

  • A month before spring break, I start stepping up my workouts and cutting back on sweet and carbs — so worth the sacrifice!
  • I am actually the reverse. I have been trying to gain weight, but at the same time, tone my stomach and thighs. I try to motivate myself to do crunches and leg exercises. Must. Start!
  • Losing? Ha! I’m gaining! 🙂 Thank goodness one piece bathing suits are back in style! If you’re looking for fitness tips, I’m absolutely not your go-to gal! Must. Stop. Eating. Nutella. By. The. Jar.

What is your favorite beach time activity?

  • I’m a born and raised Florida girl, and now that I’m living in Wisconsin, there’s nothing I miss more than the feeling of sitting on a surfboard, waiting for the waves to roll in.
  • Lying on the beach with a stack of magazines is my favorite! I always stock up at the airport before I go somewhere warm.
  • My favorite beachtime activity is just spending the days by the ocean when the weather gets warmer. I actually have a home right by the shore, and you don’t even need to cross a major street! I haven’t had the chance to go there as often though — due to hurricane Sandy, a lot of reconstruction needs to be done. I hope to be there again this coming summer!
  • Lying in the sun, listening to some music, reading books or fashion magazines, and catching up with friends!
  • Sunset beach walks for sure!

What do you splurge on or save on during spring break?

  • Denim shorts! I just splurged on a pair of UNIF shorts with studs on the sides.
  • I splurge on location and save on meals. I love to get off the beaten track, explore local restaurants, and stay away from tourist traps!
  • I’ll splurge on a cute dress for spring break, one that I can wear a ton of ways — dressed up or down and accessorized. I’ll save on sunscreen because I always buy so much.
  • I splurge on all different types of spring apparel: dresses, shorts, loose tops, florals, and lace! I also love stocking up on accessories such as jewelry and sunglasses — oh, and don’t forget about shoes!
  • I’m the ultimate shoe connoisseur, so I definitely splurge on shoes. You must check out Zara’s shoe collection! I try to save on clothing items. I buy in bulk at Forever 21 or H&M and make sure my spring purchases can transition into summer wear, too!
  • I’ll splurge on local shopping at stores I don’t have near me, and save on activity expenses. Explore your destination in a way that doesn’t require a lot of money!

What is your craziest spring break story?

  • There was that one time my girlfriends and I became besties with the University of Tennessee football team — I even walked away with a camo “Vols” hat souvenir!
  • I met the cutest guy on spring break (he had that scruffy, rocker look) — who was also really into himself. He wouldn’t stop talking about how much he loved his hair! I could tell he was about to lean in for a kiss, but I had gum in my mouth, so I spit it out in my hand — and proceeded to kiss him back. During our kiss, I ran my fingers through his hair, completely forgetting about the wad of gum in my hand! It ended up getting stuck in his beloved hair; I was absolutely mortified! I tried to salvage the situation with peanut butter, but it was just a lost cause. He definitely avoided me for the rest of the trip.
  • Mine’s always when I do something adventurous, like the time I went bungee jumping off a bridge with my closest friends. Those are always my craziest, most memorable moments!
  • I had the guts to ask this girl that I met on a cruise ship if she’d like to stay in touch afterwards, and even through the long distance, we’ve been together for three years.

What is your top spring break destination?

  • Last year I visited Miami with my family, since my birthday is around the same time. We stayed in the Hard Rock Hotel, and there was great shopping! Definitely a great place if you want to relax with some friends!
  • I would love to spend it on the North Shore of Hawaii, doing a yoga or a surf retreat! A little bit of scenery, a whole lotta relaxation!
  • If I could go anywhere for spring break, I’d go to Italy! It’s the one place in Europe I regret not going to when I studied abroad in London two years ago. Plus, a beach in Italy sounds like heaven!
  • I would love to go to Aruba or Greece.
  • Hawaii — I love an easygoing, laid-back environment.
  • I think Paris during the springtime would be to die for.

Do you have any spring break regrets? If so, please share.

  • No regrets! My spring breaks were spent with my best friends and drama-free!
  • I regret not bringing suntan lotion to my spring break by the beach. I looked like a lobster after one day. 🙁
  • One time, my girlfriends and I decided to hang out with the wrong crowd of cute cabana boys. They wouldn’t stop talking about how much money they made in tips, and invited us to a nice sushi dinner that night. Being the gullible gals we were, we went, where they proceeded to order roll after roll of expensive sushi. Basically, they dined and dashed, and we ended up having to foot the bill — we paid $80 per person! Note to self: Don’t be fooled by the slimeballs on spring break. They may be good looking, but they’re up to no good.


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