I just recently got engaged and my fiancé and I are definitely into doing something different and fun at our wedding. Our wedding party is a hoot and we have been back-and-forth contemplating some intriguing and yet exciting ways we can spice up our wedding. So I took to the great Google to solve this oh-so-complicated dilemma and BINGO! Crazy, unique, insane wedding mayhem right at my finger tips!

Now we still desire tasteful and traditional, but why not add some flavor to the evening right?

During my search, these are the ideas that surfaced:

…Please do comment at will…


Parasols – Not sure this kind of destination wedding is right for us, but I am digging the parasols! These add flare to any wedding. 

Vibrant patterns – Not quite sure this is how I want my bridal party to stand out, but geometric patterned bridesmaid dresses and yellow bouquets definitely make a statement.

Stylin’ shoes – Cute…and Comfy…Quite clever, I must say! Instead of heels, opt for Converse or Sperrys. 

 Shades for all – Sporting some stylish shades. This is definitely a unique twist…but not too crazy! All your wedding party can don a pair of Sunglass Warehouse shades to add an extra cool factor to your wedding shots. 


Ladies and gentleman…if you’re planning a wedding, and you want to spice up your nuptials then think about adding some stylish shades, a parasol, some sneakers. Regardless of what you do…keep it as close to you and your fiancé’s style…and HAVE FUN!