In 2017, we launched a collection of ten SW Exclusive sunglasses that you couldn’t find anywhere else. The responses were AMAZING, and we sold out of multiple styles and color options in no time. 2018’s additions are (dare we say) even better, and we are pumped to share them with you. 


You may be asking yourself, “What makes the SW Exclusive styles so special and different from the other 200 styles on the site?” Listen – you’re not alone. These shades are some of our most unique pairs and because of that, we want to share how our SW Exclusives came to be.

Curating the 2018 SW Exclusive styles took more than six months and hundreds of man- and woman-hours. The process began by researching upcoming trends and color schemes that would be popular this summer. We also looked at what was missing from our collection and combined that with the feedback from all of you about what you’d like to see on our site and can’t find anywhere else.

Every piece of our SW Exclusive styles – from frame shape and size to the type of bridge and what is printed on the inside of the temples – was hand picked by our merchandising team. Because they are one-of-a-kind, you won’t find these shades anywhere else…literally.

Our new 2018 SW Exclusive styles include unique features like the matte to gloss fade on Garcia and the etched and hand-painted accent on Duran.


Although the 2018 Exclusive styles vary in shape, size, and function, they all have one thing in common: polarized lenses. After all, polarized lenses are perfect for summer and buying a pair of polarized shades for $15 or less is a no-brainer!


Without further ado, we introduce you to our brand new 2018 SW Exclusives:


Ophelia | $14.95

Floyd | $15.95

Duran | $15.95

Garcia | $15.95

Stevie | $14.95

Bonus: We also brought back three styles from our 2017 collection! Cash, Mac, and Allman each have a new color option!




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