Each week, we would like to introduce one of our social media fans, whether that person be a Twitter follower or a fan of us on Facebook. Be sure to check back weekly for a Q&A section with our chosen fan of the week. And who knows, maybe we’ll choose you next!

Meet Amanda!

Sunglass Warehouse Social Media Fan of the Week

Amanda found Sunglass Warehouse through a blog giveaway. She instantly went to our Web site and loved all the products! She’s an online shopper and an extreme sunglasses lover, always stopping by the sunglass section of stores to see what’s new.

1.) Twitter handle:


2.) What is your personal philosophy on fashion?

Each person has a style that goes with his or her personality… go with that style. Don’t worry about the latest fads, because they change too much. I’m almost 21 and I still wear Superman/Supergirl shirts because it’s what I love and it’s who I am. Wear what you love, love what you wear, and you’ll be your own fashionista!

3.) What was your most memorable pair of shades you ever wore?

I had a pair of square black sunglasses that had the cutest hearts on the frames! I loved those!

4.) Do you wear your sunglasses at night?

LOL! Totally! I really have a love affair with my glasses… One night, it wasn’t completely dark out yet and I had my sunglasses on, and my grandma started singing, “Sunglasses At Night.”

5.) Do you have any preference on the color of your lens tint?

DARK! I love DARK DARK lenses. Because I love always being in the sun, I want to make sure my sunglasses are dark enough to protect my eyes.