Each week, we would like to introduce one of our social media fans, whether that person be a Twitter follower or a fan of us on Facebook. Be sure to check back weekly for a Q&A section with our chosen fan of the week. And who knows, maybe we’ll choose you next!

Meet Stetson!

Sunglass Warehouse Social Media Fan of the Week

Stetson is a huge Sunglass Warehouse fan and right now he’s out and about on a 5 month backpacking trip. Hopefully he packed enough shades!

1.) What is your personal philosophy on fashion?

No more $200 jeans! I feel that you don’t have to spend much on clothes to look, and most importantly, feel good!

2.) To which celebrity’s style would you compare your own?

Lady Gaga! J/k, but on the real, maybe Adam Sandler because whenever I see him he is so casual, tees and jeans, no biggie!

3.) What was your most memorable pair of shades you ever wore?

I bought a pair of Spys for my vacation in Mexico and the first day I got there I was wiped out by a wave and they were never seen again. Ohh memories…..

4.) Do you wear your sunglasses at night?

Ok, you caught me, but only when its party time!

5.) Do you have any preference on the color of your lense tint?

Lens tint is important. I like to go with browns, but not too dark.