The Lens: Snapshot Spotlight

Whether you prefer retro, modern, or straight up practical, there’s a story behind how you style your shades. Join us as we look behind the lens at the bloggers who styled and starred in our 2014 Winter Lookbook. From shades they can’t leave the house without to the trends they’re trying to forget, get to know our featured stylists. 

Read on for our interview with Jessica of The Steele Maiden, and be sure to check out how she styled our shades here.

Jessica of the Steele Maiden

Jessica flaunting our #1520s.

If you had to choose one item from your closet to take with you on a deserted island, what would it be?

Jessica: My trusty denim jacket — I’ve had it for years now and it’s so perfectly broken in. I can’t imagine ever finding a replacement.

Whose closet would you hijack?

Jessica: Designer Nanette Lepore — I interned at her studio in college and she had an entire room to hold her vintage collection!

What’s your current Internet addiction?

Jessica: The Coveteur — a long standing addiction at this point — but I can never get enough of seeing a peek inside the homes of style icons.

And since you have an eye for fashion — what are some of your favorite Sunglass Warehouse shades?

Jessica: Loving the #324 and #496 styles right now — retro with a modern twist.

What would you consider the ultimate fashion fail?

Jessica: Dressing for other people instead of for yourself.

If you had a personal theme song, what would it be?

Jessica: Bette Davis Eyes. Although hopefully I’m not a one-hit wonder. Thanks again to Jessica for contributing to our 2014 Winter Lookbook!