“You only get one chance to make a first impression.” Ever heard that before?  We all have, hundreds of times I’m sure. Despite the repetition, it is true. You do only get one shot, one opportunity, to seize everything you ever wanted… (Sorry, I’m not Eminem).

But in reality, we are blessed with opportunities to make an entrance, make that first impression. So why not make it a good one?

What if you’re meeting your future in-laws for the first time? Setting out on your first day of college or high school? Heading to an important interview? Whatever the situation, a first impression lingers. So here are some tips I have found to help make that first impression a lasting one, in a good way:

InterviewsKeep it simple. Don’t overload on jewelry or perfume, and don’t make your hair huge. Stick to one ring per hand, stud earrings and classy hair. Do wear some color – it’s more memorable – but avoid neons. Dress with sophistication, and ladies, cover the goods. Be polite, speak up and, even if you’re nervous as hell, act like you’re the next best thing to Michael Jordan. P.S. Handshakes are key – keep it firm.

First Day of School: Be you!! Please be you! Don’t dress to impress your friends, the jocks, the senior boys, and girls…Dress like yourself. Sure, snazz it up a bit, but stay comfortable. There is nothing worse than watching someone walk around in avant garde attire looking insecure and uncomfortable. Establish a personal sense of pride and walk with it. Scared? It’s your first day, so it’s understandable, but remind yourself: you’ve been going to school for years, why should today be any different?

Meeting the Family: Please dress appropriately! Cover yourself up: hide the girls, cover your tush, and avoid skin-tight attire.  If you want this to be a good first impression, then keep it clean. Dress like yourself, though – don’t go over the top glam or under-do-it and emerge as plain Jane. If your style leans towards 70s retro, then go for it. If you dress preppy, then still do. You should be yourself, but if this is going to last and you don’t want automatic judgment passed, then dress properly. Also, speak. My parents hate it when someone doesn’t talk much. They have an automatic, they have no people skills response. Be polite, offer to help and be on time. Compliments are great, but too many take the cheese.

Well, hopefully, these tips will help you make an entrance, one with a positive lasting impression. Oh, and one more thing…smile!