Retro style is everywhere.  From high-waisted pants to accentuated shoulders, it’s hip to be square.

retro shield sunglasses

But it’s not as simple as digging into your mother’s closet and stealing her pastel skirt suits.  No, no.  You’re going to need some modernization to look rad, but not dated.

And I, per precedent, have the perfect solution.

The SW Retro Style #1130 may initially look like your average, throwback style, but I say, “Nay.  ‘Tisn’t.”

What’s different about this is the shield lens.  Yeah.  There aren’t two individual lenses in the frame, rather, just one slick piece that covers the whole front of the frame.

Awesome?  Totally tubular?  Like, waaay rad?

Yes, Rafaelo.  It’s all of the above.

Taking a break from the standard throwbacks, this retro style will satisfy your desire to stick to trends, but keep you unique.  That’s two birds.