We’re all born with a little retro in us, right? Decipher your decade below, and we’ll dish on what it says about you. Ready, set…

What decade do you really belong in? Take the quiz and find out what it says about you.

If you got…

The ’50s

Honey, you’re home! In the ‘50s, that is. You know the Grease soundtrack by heart, like to call parties sock hops, and can’t resist a good malted milkshake.

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The ’60s 

Yeah, baby! You were meant to frolic free in the decade of peace, love, and psychedelic vibes. We’ll see you at Woodstock.

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The ’70s

Bust out the bell bottoms and platforms, it’s time to boogie down on the dance floor because you belong in the ‘70s. Disco balls, gold chains, and afros — go ahead, get funky like no one’s watching.

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The ’80s

Big hair, don’t care. You belong in the ‘80s, when legwarmers were cool and shoulder pads reigned. Pull out that power suit and get to work.

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The ’90s

You miss the days when grunge rockers competed with teen pop-stars for the spotlight. You belong in the ‘90s when beanie babies, mood rings, and MTV ruled (we miss it, too).

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