15 Reasons We Love Fall

It’s officially Fall and we’re definitely not mad about it. Goodbye flip flops and margaritas, hello fuzzy socks and pumpkin ale.

Here are 15 reasons we’re excited about the new season:

1. Football


The wait is finally over. Whether you prefer watching the college kids or the pros, weekends are now dedicated to only one thing: Football. Just make sure to let your wife know it’s not the end of the world, you’ll talk again in February.

2. The Back-to-School Buzz

back to school

Whether you’re headed back to college or you’re putting your kids back on the bus, the start of a new school year is a new beginning for everyone. Enjoy the hustle, bustle, and the freshness of a new routine.

3. Pumpkin Everything

pumpkin everything

Lattés, beer, granola, pie, muffins, bread, soup … the list goes on. For probably the first three weeks of Fall, it’s hard to eat anything else. Our advice: take your time and try not to overdo your pumpkin intake too early on in the season. Remember, this is a marathon, not a sprint.

4. Seasonal Beers

seasonal beers

Fall is not only football season, it’s beer season, too. Your local breweries are sure to have some unique seasonal pours to try out and there’s sure to be a beerfest or two in your town. In Indianapolis, we’re looking forward to this one by Upland Brewery.

5. Boots


As much as we love flip flops, keeping our toes in a sightly state was kind of a struggle. Bring on the boots, flats, and sneakers. We’re ready.

6. Apples


Is there anything better than a freshly picked apple? The answer is no, no there’s not. Snag some from the farmer’s market or head to a nearby orchard. It’ll be fun for the whole family.

7. Changing Leaves

changing leaves

Taking a walk with your significant other after dinner just got a lot more interesting.

8. Outdoor Festivals

outdoor festivals

Fall is one of the best times of year for art festivals, concerts, and cultural festivals. Take a look at the local events calendar in your city to find some fun outdoor events while the weather is still nice.

9. Cooler Temperatures

cooler temperatures

While we’ll certainly miss weekends on the lake and days at the pool, it’s about time for the oppressive heat to take a chill pill. Plus, who doesn’t love wearing a dapper fall coat? We sure do.

10. Holiday Madness

holiday madness

It seems like every year, the malls start decorating for the holidays just a little bit earlier. Embrace the holiday madness and get excited for the upcoming season of sweaters and booze.

11. Weekend Road Trips

weekend road trips

There’s nothing we love more than a fall weekend road trip. Go camping, explore a nearby town, or just take a drive through the country. Oh, and we’ve got the perfect playlist for that here.

12. Homecoming


Head back to your alma mater for a day of acting like you’re in college again. Or, at least, to watch the college kids act like they’re in college … Either way, we love heading back to campus and enjoying some friends, football, and beer.

13. Hot Drinks

hot drinks

Finally, we can drink a cup of hot coffee without having to blast the AC on our faces. Who’s ready for chai, cocoa, and hot apple ciders?

14. Tailgating


For those of us that don’t care as much about the f word (football, that is), we’ve got a long season of tailgating to look forward to. Prep your ultimate tailgate with our game day checklist here.

15. More Chances to Wear Sunglasses

more chances to wear sunglasses

Yep. It’s still sunny outside. We’re super pumped to rock our favorite fall shades here, there, and everywhere in between.

Still need a pair? You’re in luck.

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