How to Protect Your Eyes

In this modern day and age, protecting your eyes is easy. Slip on a pair of shades and you’re halfway there! In addition to wearing sunglasses, there are a couple other things you can do to make sure your eyes stay healthy and bright.

Know the UV Risk Factors

First, let’s talk about risk factors. Yeah, yeah, everyone’s going on about UV this and UV that these days. But is it really that big of a deal? Well…yes. With ozone depletion being what is it right now, it’s more important than ever to protect your eyes. Be sure to check out our page on the ozone layer for more info on how its depletion can affect your eye health.

There are a number of factors that affect how much UV radiation you get, from where you are in the world to what time of day it is. According to the Sun Safety Alliance, there are five important factors that affect how much UV radiation you get:

  • Time of day
  • Season
  • Altitude
  • Location
  • Exposure time

Medications can also affect your sun sensitivity. We highly recommend checking out the Sun Safety Alliance’s page on UV radiation for more specific information on all UV risk factors.

Never Stare Directly into Sunlight

It’s pretty. We know. But remember when you went outside to look at that solar eclipse, and your teacher told you never, never to look directly at the sun? Follow that advice. Looking at the sun can lead to permanent damage, like blindness.

Wear Sunglasses

We cannot stress this tip enough. Sunglasses protect your eyes from cataracts (clouding of the eye’s lens) and those ever-harmful UV rays. Because they cover more of the area around your eyes, sports and wrap-around styles are perfect for getting you all the protection you need. Have fun with this accessory, and stay safe at the same time!