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Procrastinator's Proof of Purchase snag a gift card

We’ve all been there: You get caught up in final exams, preparing for your annual holiday party, baking an excessive amount of cookies, or you have forgetfulness coded into your DNA, and you fail to remember to take care of holiday shopping. You simply put off trekking to the mall or actually placing orders for gifts, until all of a sudden, it’s too late.

You’re that person. You’ll be showing up to holiday parties empty-handed, or if you’re feeling crafty, with loose leaf paper featuring hand-drawn renditions of the gifts you ordered online too late.

Not this year. The SunglassWarehouse.com team members have been guilty of being “that person” one too many times, and it’s time for it to stop. In an effort to ease the awkwardness of that situation, we’ve come up with what we like to call the Procrastinator’s Proof of Purchase (sounds official, right?).

Procrastinators Proof of Purchase

Choose Your Gift Download 'Proof of Purchase'

This downloadable bad boy is a letter to give to the victim(s) of your procrastination. You simply fill out a present description, the reason you believe it’s the perfect gift for them, why they’re receiving a piece of paper instead of the actual gift, and other heartfelt well wishes. Or, if you’re feeling really ambitious, you can instantly send them a gift card here.

The Procrastinator’s Proof of Purchase ensures that last-minute shoppers (like you) will sleep a little easier knowing that they won’t be showing up empty-handed this year. Download the PDF here, sit back, and wait for the thank you’s to roll in.

Editor’s note: If procrastination is a year-round problem for you, and you find yourself running into this gift-giving (or lack thereof) issue outside of just the holiday season, the Proof of Purchase form is also appropriate for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, etc. A permanent download is recommended for you folks.

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